Game Analysis: CyberPunk 2077

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Game Play Analysis

Formal ElementsCyberpunk 2077 is a massive open world RPG
The BasicsIt gud game
Name of the gameCyberpunk 2077
The platformXbox 1s (DO NOT PLAY IT ON AN XBOX)
Time played (should be at least 30 minutes)5 hours (sorry)
If you could work on this game (change it), what would you change and why?Work on the issues with it not being compatible with lower gen consoles (its a buggy mess)
PlayersSingle player
How many players are supported?for now only 1 but multiplayer is coming out in a year
Does it need to be an exact number?Yes you cant play the game if you are not playing the game
How does this affect play?As a single player game, It is more character driven experience where you make choices not friends.
Objectives/GoalsWake the (CENSORED) up samurai, we got a city to burn
What are the players trying to do?Progress as a mercenary in Night city
Rules/MechanicsI could spend 9 hours here but to be short, as a player you can do anything, see a tv hack the tv, see the bad guy shoot the bad guy.
ControlsStandard Xbox controls very responsive and comfy
What controls are used?All buttons are used
Was there a clear introductory tutorial?Very the tutorial is also very funny
Were they easy to understand or did you find yourself spamming the controller?Very easy for me to understand but i have been gaming for 13 years now
Resources & Resource ManagementVery important if you go into a gun fight without any healing or bullets ye be dead
What kinds of resources do players control?Ammo weapons, Buffs, clothing, gear, cybernetics, car, ect
How are they maintained during play?The player can manage their inventory by using the very easy sorting system
What is their role?To provide help to the player while he burns Night city
A resource is everything under the control of a single player. Could be the money in Monopoly or health in WoW. Other examples are:Territory in RISK The number of questions remaining in 20 Questions Objects picked up during videogames (guns, health packs, etc.)Time (game time, real-time, or both)Known information (like suspects in Clue)
Game Statebuggy mess
How much information in the game state is visible to the player?a lot, you can even see the local politics of the game on TV which changes every day depending on your actions or the AIs
In what order do players take their actions?how ever they want to, open world open mind
How does play flow from one action to another?very well it is like a slide but with more death
Player Interactionall the time the smallest choice can effect an entire mission
Some examples:Direct Conflict – I attack you.Negotiation – If you support me here, I’ll help you there.Trading – I’ll give you this for that.Information Sharing – If you go there, I’m warning you, a trap will go off.
Theme & NarrativeFuturistic/punk like
Does it have an actual story structure?yes
Is it based on a historical event (or similar)?inspired at the begging but after that its all made up
Does the theme or narrative help you know how to play?yes it creates important decisions
Does it have emotional impacts?yes very much so, if my best friend in game dies im going to snap my xbox in half, (this is a in game character)
Also, look for en media res (does it start in the middle of the game)?yes
The Elements in MotionNOTES
How do the different elements interact?Like butter its really impressive
What is the gameplay like?Beautiful I feel like im there
Is it effective?very much so
Are there any points where the design choices break down?yes with xbox issues and it not able to take the game
Design CritiqueNOTES
Why did the designer make these particular choices?Because the game needed it
Why this set of resources?the game is built on story not action RP is this game
What if they made different decisions?I would not play it
Does the design break down at any point?sometimes, again lag and bugs are everywhere
Graphics & SoundNOTES
Does the game art pair well with the mechanics?YES ITS AMAZING
Did you find any bugs or glitches?plenty
What about sound?Oh my the effects are so good
Can you spot any technical shortcuts?not from my research
Various Stages of the GameNOTES
To wrap up, some things to keep in mind (as if there aren’t enough already) as you play:Keep an eye out for everything the smallest thing could change an entire story.
What challenges do you face, and how do you overcome them?With your brain, you have to think to survive no help at all
Is the game fair?No if you lack logic and the thirst to explore go back to a more liner game
Is it replayable? Are there multiple paths to victory or optional rules that can change the experience?the game has 9 different endings as far as i know, and 3 different stories each 20 hours long.
What is the intended audience?RP and true gamers
What is the core, the one thing you do over and over, and is it fun?My god for me the guns, very very impressive gun play it so en joyful i spent all my in game cash on ammo and wasted it shooting targets

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Mr. Le Duc’s Game Analysis Resources

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